Process Lasso
Addition GUI NEW Added log filter, allowing easy searching or filtering the log
Addition Package NEW New PLLogToCSV utility, converts all log files to a CSV
Addition Core NEW Added toggle to allow matching of ProBalance exclusions by pathnames
Addition GUI NEW Added 'clear all' button to ProBalance exclusions dialog
Addition GUI NEW Added 'match pathnames' checkbox to ProBalance exclusions dialog
Fix Core Handle case of system date/time moved backwards after a process launch, causing process runtime to show wrong in 'termination' log events
Fix Core Default priority log action type was wrong
Fix GUI Fix filename column wasn't populated in last final version
Change GUI Re-enable 'Core Engine Not Running!' text on graph when core engine isn't running
Change Core Reduced CPU utilization of the governor when many processes are outside management scope
Change Core When dumping log to CSV, skip entries whose action has no string defined
Change Core Improved behavior when ProBalance is toggled off while there are restrained processes
Change GUI Limit scope of DEL keyboard shortcut (only in all or active processes listview)
Change GUI 'Export LOG to CSV' now also grabs archived log files too
Change GUI Change terminate confirmation message box so that default button is 'NO'
Change GUI Always show Energy Saver dialog on toggle on
Change GUI Adjustments to solicitation dialog
Change GUI Minidumps turned back on for all betas (off for finals) from this point forward
Change GUI Improve registry key deletion detection and notification (e.g. our key deleted by a registry cleaner)
Change Languages Update Chinese Traditional
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